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Creating your Perfect Home with Teresa B. Brown

By Natasha Kubis

Brown storefront define your design home interior

Teresa B. Brown knows your home is where your story begins, and she makes it her business to help you define your design and tell your story. As a real estate agent, interior designer, and owner of Digs Home, a home goods store in Burnsville, Teresa creates authentic places for her clients to live and play.

As a designer, Teresa’s timeless aesthetic balances creativity with functionality. She believes simplicity is elegant and she emphasizes nature to promote wholesome and healthy living. Her style has a seamless flow, and her free-spirited aesthetic mixes various design expressions for the best results.

Teresa’s diverse portfolio exemplifies her approach to different interior design types, from traditional and mid-century to modern styles. She finds ways to honor history by showcasing heirloom pieces and antiques. She often thinks outside the box by bending the rules for more playful outcomes, for example, placing unusual objects in unexpected places or combining relics of the past and signature antiques with modern and new pieces.

She notes that most people have sentimental items they’ve collected along the way that carry emotional value, and she works to integrate these pieces tastefully and seamlessly. She brings nature inside by using a calming and subtle color palette and incorporates greenery and fresh flowers, often preferring to use what’s available around the home’s yard, like ferns, oak leaves, and pine.

Aside from a beautiful space, Teresa ensures the rooms are balanced with comfort and functionality. There needs to be more to a space than just looking pretty! She’s a big supporter of local art and feels it’s a perfect way to emphasize the culture of a home’s surrounding area.

It’s important to her to be sensible and cost-effective so she won’t break the bank to create your ideal space. She knows that a home is intensely personal, and when working with her clients to create their perfect spaces, she tells them, “It’s all in the feeling!”

Teresa’s love for interior design began around age 10 when she would choose paint colors and home furnishings from her grandmother’s Sears and JCPenney catalogs. She would design her perfect dream homes and find fun and creative ways of decorating and redecorating her room.

Even then, Teresa knew anyone could have a house, but it takes passion and an artistic mind to make it a home. Those childhood dreams eventually made Teresa a trailblazing entrepreneur wearing many hats as a real estate agent, designer, business owner, and proud mother of two children. Her husband, Steve, daughter, Bridget, granddaughter, Ro, and fur baby, Bella, are what make her home her sanctuary.

Teresa has had her challenges, and it’s been a long road, but as she says, “sometimes we take the long way to get where we are going. It’s not about how we get there, but how we arrive. It’s even better if you get a little skinned and tarnished along the way”.

When her daughter was born with Down’s Syndrome, Teresa lacked the support she needed and decided to take matters into her own hands to seek the best opportunities for healthy development. Today, both of her kids are happy and successful.

Her daughter is an avid reader who loves to cook, and her son is in his last year of his pediatric cardiology fellowship. Teresa learned that unwavering determination was crucial to raising her children and becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Combining home design and furnishings with her real estate business is a necessary triad like a healthy and thriving marriage. Before designing the interior of a home, it’s essential to find the ideal space, to begin with!

Teresa has listed and sold hundreds of commercial and residential properties and only works with the creme de la creme for appraisers, mortgage officers, home inspectors, land surveyors, and contractors. She not only guarantees her full attention when working with a client, but she also offers the utmost focus on detail.

Teresa loves the adventures that her creative impulse leads her on. For example, she purchased a one-hundred-year-old brick building on Town Square in Burnsville and renovated it to become the storefront for Digs Home. Teresa also designed four condos located above the store that are currently in the completion stage.

Teresa is known for creating beautiful and livable spaces and says that your home should be the story of who you are and a collection showcasing what you love. Her Digs Home store offers home decor and custom furniture that do just that.

It’s a “one-stop shop” for all things home! Teresa grew up in a small community right outside of Burnsville, in a town called Double Island, which inspired the name for Digs Home (Double Island Girl). Unique finds in the shop include locally made pottery, antiques, accent chairs, leather sofas, local art and photography, artisanal bowls and serving plates, and even natural detergents, candles, and fragrances.

Visit Digs Home in Burnsville, NC, for home decor, interior design, and real estate services! She also has an incredible team that is integral to her success. Teresa lives to inspire others and to create memorable lasting design moments that appeal to all the senses.

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