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Garden Therapy at B.B. Barns

Lots of plants in a huge green house hot house

By Natasha Kubis

Increasing scientific evidence proves that plants, gardens, and gardening are an excellent prescription for our mental health.

People who spend time in the garden report good health, higher psychological well-being, and greater physical activity levels. Being outdoors and connecting with nature can boost our mood and have a calming effect. Those without gardens can also benefit – numerous scientific studies have shown that houseplants boost our mood, reduce stress, and even reduce blood pressure.

B.B. Barns has been Asheville, North Carolina’s plant therapy center for over three decades and remains a local favorite of garden enthusiasts and those who understand the mental and physical well-being that plants bring into our lives.

The company began as a small, local operation with love for plants, gardening, and the outdoors. B.B. Barns connects and nurtures people, from staff and customers to the community. When you walk into their stunning 4-acre nursery in Arden, it’s easy to feel that it’s more than just a garden center but also people’s happy place. From beautiful plants to knowledgeable and friendly staff, B.B. Barns creates a sense of community and home.

“Our foundation is our love for our employees, customers, community, and the world. Building and developing relationships are our driving forces. We seek to learn as we teach those we serve, always being open to new ideas and seeking improvement in all we do. Integrity and the pursuit of excellence push us to be the best in the horticulture industry. We always desire to do the right thing.”

At their Asheville, N.C. location, you’ll find a complete indoor and outdoor nursery stocked with trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, roses, vines, herbs, vegetables, seeds, seasonal plants, and more. They provide the healthiest, most diverse plant stock you can find, and if you have special requests, they will be happy to order them for you.

Their tropical department is a true treat for house plant enthusiasts. Expect a dependable stock of trending plants like Monsteras and Fiddle Leaf Figs, easy-care houseplants like Snake plants, and collector’s items like orchids and unique ferns.

They also carry a variety of pottery and unique containers for indoor and outdoor planting for every aesthetic. Their selection includes tasteful terra cotta, ceramic, or concrete containers. You’ll find special-use containers like window and herb boxes and self-watering pots along with high-quality, all-weather outdoor furniture in various styles, perfect for patios and gardens of any type.

The collection of items is primarily handmade in the USA by local manufacturers for the best craftsmanship and style.

B.B. Barns offers outdoor living services integrating creative landscape and hardscape designs through its certified landscape services team. From simple bed layouts to complete master plans, their experienced team of landscape designers and architects are equipped to help you through the whole process.

They provide extensive services from installing perennials, trees, retaining walls, and water drainage to light fixtures and waterfalls. They can also perform weekly, monthly, seasonal, or even one-time “Garden Get Well” services, including pruning and deadheading, weeding, pest control, deer protection, fertilization, lawn mowing, edging, and aerating, overseeding, fungal control, and lead removal.

Customers consider B.B. Barns a place for ultimate retail therapy, inspiration, and well-being where all their gardening, outdoor living, and indoor décor needs are met and they can create spaces to enhance their quality of life.

One of the core values at B.B. Barns is educating and connecting with the public. Their garden coaches are skilled landscape designers who will join you on-site for an assessment of your property’s needs. They coach you through the project and empower you to care for your garden by sharing their knowledge, accompanying you on garden center shopping trips, and guiding you through the planting and care process.

2022 is the first time the Asheville store has hosted three community events in one year, including February’s Houseplant Social and August’s Summer Garden Party, an outdoor soiree in the garden center for guests to connect and shop.

Be sure to join them for their largest annual event, Ladies Night Out, in November, which draws crowds looking for after-hours shopping fun and is a great way to begin the holiday shopping season. All events feature a storewide discount, food, drinks, music, and a great time for attendees.

B.B. Barns

3377 Sweeten Creek Rd.

Arden, NC 28704



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