The Souza Story: making it in America

by Pablo Souza

We moved to the United States in 1999 from Santiago, Chile, and were fortunate enough to land in Asheville. It was always a dream of my dad’s, Raul Souza, to ‘make it in America.’ He had to start from the bottom, working long hours at factories, making money any way he could to support our family.

One day while raking leaves, we met a man who would change everything for him and make his dream a reality. This gentleman saw the work ethic of my dad and took him under his wing to teach him everything he could about construction.

My dad soaked up everything and eventually worked hard enough to get his contracting license in 2005 and start building houses on his own.

It was not an easy start, but as word spread about the effort my dad was putting in and the quality of his houses, his reputation quickly started to form. Fast forward 20 years, R.S. Construction is proud to be building all over Asheville and neighboring towns.

We take pride in what we do and treat every home as if it were our own. We focus on quality over quantity and work to improve on the beauty of Asheville. We build spec homes, custom homes, and everything in between. Our smallest home was 800 square feet and our largest was over 5,000.

But no matter the size, the satisfaction of our clients is our top priority. Our construction goal is to

give families an enjoyable building experience, where they can be free of worry that we would cut corners.

From a young age, my dad inspired my brother, Diego, and I to follow in his footsteps in the construction industry. We both graduated from NC State University with a degree in construction engineering and management.

While in Raleigh, I also gained an interest in the real estate business and obtained my real estate license in 2016. My ultimate purpose for getting my license was to move back to Asheville and help the family business grow by selling our homes.

I am now a broker with my own company, Souza Realty. My goal is to hire agents with a similar drive, vision, and understanding of the industry to facilitate homeowners in buying and selling houses in Asheville and surrounding areas.

My construction background has proven to be useful in this process and I am willing to assist agents with this information. Whether you are just visiting Asheville or considering the move, we would love to meet with you and be considered as your trusted builder or real estate agency.

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