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Not your grandad’s garage

In 1930, when Pete Youngblood started up Fletcher Motors, a traditional garage to service cars in Fletcher, North Carolina, he could never have imagined his granddaughter would someday open up a new spin on his garage almost 100 years later.

But that’s what has happened in the small, mountain town nestled between Hendersonville and Asheville. Kaye Youngblood, along with her three business partners, Lisa Preston Clark, Ellen Schwab and Susan Brady have taken 6,000 square feet and created an artisan community called The Garage on 25.

The four partners are all local gals from Western North Carolina and have a passion for vintage, repurposed, retro and cool stuff.

“I remember how proud my granddad was of his work at the garage” Youngblood said “and I wanted to be a part of creating a space in Fletcher where artists could showcase their work and feel that same sense of pride”. The four partners host over 65 vendors and showcase their hard work and creations.

These artists make everything from handmade furniture, leather journals, lighting, jewelry, original art and more. Each vendor is committed to the art of designing, building, creating and recycling. “Our vendors embody the very best in custom design and fine, handcrafted pieces” commented Susan Brady.

Owners of everything from luxury homes to rustic cabins have found what they are looking for at The Garage on 25. The wide variety of styles covering vintage, antiques, shabby, rustic and high end traditional are available to all those in search of just the right piece. “We’ve worked with people furnishing homes, setting up B&B’s and even filling cabin rentals with just the right look” quoted Ellen Schwab.

But the excitement of what is going on here is not just being contained strictly within the walls of the interior. According to Lisa Preston Clark, “The Garage on 25 will be hosting Vintage Hendo, in May, which will consist of an outdoor marketplace with vendors, food trucks and live music”.

“Garage Sales” will also take place on the grounds this summer and if unique and out of the box ideas are what you’re looking for, the Garage on 25 is your place. Each month you can look for some fun, quirky event such as at Christmas time when the Garage offered a photo booth in front of the store in the form of a decorated vintage Shasta Travel Camper for anyone looking for a unique Christmas portrait at no charge.

Connected to the Garage on 25 is the Coffee Garage. An independent coffee shop owned by Stephen & Tippi Mace and Youngblood. Decorated by remnants from her granddad’s garage, customers can sit and relax amongst old gas pumps and industrial furniture made from car grills and truck tailgates.

The shop serves up delicious, local baked goods and roasted coffee by Ingenious Coffee Roasters out of Marion, NC. At night the coffee shop is rented out for art classes, lectures, jam sessions and open mic nights. Rentals for private parties are also available.

And just as the old service department at Fletcher Motors became a place for people to gather and discuss the interests of the day, the Coffee Garage has become a local hang out for community members to conduct business, relax, meet up with friends or have a dang, good cup of coffee. Stephen and Tippi will take care of you and make you feel welcome immediately upon entering The Coffee Garage.

As the town of Fletcher continues to grow, The Garage on 25 is a welcomed addition to the community. Stefanie Bonham posted on Facebook after her first visit, “I love this place! Just what our area needed! I love supporting local and the shop layout is beautiful”.

As you plan the decor for your new home or want to spruce things up at an already established one, it is well worth your time to visit The Garage on 25. The warm welcome, cool merchandise and overall wonderful atmosphere will win you over quickly. Rest assured, visiting The Garage on 25 will charge your batteries and help give your home that much needed tune up you’re looking for!

The Garage on 25 and The Coffee Garage are located in Fletcher, NC at 3461 Hendersonville Road. On Facebook: The Garage on 25 and The Coffee Garage on 25.

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