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Feng Shui Basics: Abundance Remedies

Feng Shui basics

In the past few articles we have been looking at some feng shui basics and using a bagua energy map to access what is going on in various areas of our life at this time.

Please go online at this magazine to read or reread those articles if you want to refresh your memory. In this issue, we are going to look at the back left corner gua, an area associated with abundance, more commonly known as Wealth.

Standing at the entrance, this back left third of your home, lot, or room actually has to do with all matters related to abundance in your life. As such, it certainly is a popular area to enhance, as most of us wish for even more good things to come our way. Following are ideas for enhancing the Wealth guas of your home and lot. Pick and choose the ones that work best for you.

First, some general tips. Become clear about your intention for this area of your life. Write down what you wish to see happen. Look at the wealth gua for your home as a whole and in each room of your home. Make sure that there is no clutter in these areas and that ch’i can circulate well. Check for leaks of ch’i in the wealth gua and repair any that exist. Remember that the colors green, red, blue, and especially purple are associated with this area.

Ways To Remedy Leaking or Falling Ch’i: If your yard slopes downward in the wealth gua, bring the ch’i back up by planting tall trees in this area or position a tall light pole in the corner of the wealth area with the light aimed at the peak of the house.

If there is a window or door in the wealth area of your home or in the wealth area of the living room or bedroom of your home, reorient the leaking ch’i by hanging a crystal or wind chime in front of the window or door. You may also place plants in a window to circulate the ch’i back into the room.

If there is a bathroom in the wealth area of your home:

Make sure that there are no leaking faucets and that the toilet works properly and does not run. Keep the door to the bathroom closed.

Keep the lid on the toilet closed.

You may also keep the sink, shower and tub drains closed or covered when not in use.

To deflect the ch’i from entering the room and exiting down the drains, you may place a large mirror on the outside of the closed bathroom door.

To deflect the ch’i from exiting via the drains once it is in the room, you may hang a crystal or wind chime between the door and the drains.

You may place a healthy plant (or a real looking silk plant with real soil in its container) on the back of the toilet and visualize that the water, instead of flushing away wealth ch’i, nourishes the growth of the ch’i as it nourishes the growth of the plant. If the plant blooms with a red or purple flower, it is even better.

Ways To Enhance Abundance Ch’i: Hang a wind chime on the corner of the eave of your house in the wealth area. Or it can be hung inside in the wealth area if the eave is not accessible.

Place a fountain in the wealth area of your home and visualize that wealth is flowing to you in abundance.

Place a fountain at the entrance to your home or anywhere in front of your home to attract wealth ch’i.

water filled jars

Place a picture of a vigorous waterfall or of fishermen hauling in full nets near the entrance of your house or in the wealth gua and visualize the abundant life you desire.

Encourage good luck in your life by painting your front door bright red, an extremely auspicious color. Visualize fortunate happenings and good opportunities coming your way. Alternately, use another bright color that you enjoy and that goes with the color scheme of your house to accomplish the same goal.

Aquariums are strong wealth generators combining the wealth symbolism of moving water with the life and fertility symbolism of the fish. Place them in the wealth gua, the career gua or near the entrance to your home. Make aquariums more powerful with auspicious numbers of fish.

Using eight red fish and one black fish for a total of nine is particularly good. You may also seed your aquarium with nine (or a multiple of nine) gold coins, visualizing that your wealth is like an ocean and increases daily.

Hang a fish mobile in the wealth area of your home or near the entrance to bring flowing or circulating energy to this area.

Place healthy plants in the wealth area of your home, living room or bedroom. You may place gold coins in the soil or write an affirmation of your intentions for abundance and place it in the soil of the plant(s). Each time you water your plants, visualize your intention being nourished.

Place a mirror in the wealth area of your bedroom. Visualize that the mirror magnifies your wealth and draws more to you like a magnet, making your life more abundant and enjoyable. Store your money in the wealth corner. Place your savings account book or a bank with “seed money” (27 shiny coins or nine one dollar bills) in the wealth gua of your home or bedroom.

Visualize the amounts of that money growing steadily. Stabilize and ground an uneven or chaotic financial situation by placing something heavy in the wealth gua of your home or yard. Large rocks or a statue work well outside. Either a statue or large plant is suitable for inside.

Make the object large enough to be effective but not so large as to block ch’i circulation. As in all feng shui, smooth edges are better than pointed or jagged. Visualize a calm financial situation with a smooth flow of plenty of money and your bills being easily paid on time.

Make sure that all of the burners and ovens of your stove work properly. Be sure to use each of them on a regular basis to symbolically make use of all the sources of nourishment for you and your family.

Reflect and symbolically double your stove’s burners with a mirror behind or beside the stove or another shiny object positioned for the same effect. Visualize that you have twice as many sources of sustenance.

Keep your stove clean (even underneath and behind it) to keep the wealth energy fresh in your life. As you clean, you can visualize any money problems or impediments being cleared away and fresh money energy being available to you.

Hang a chime or crystal over the location where the cook stands when cooking to keep negative energy away and encourage positive money flow. Visualize expansiveness and brightness in your money situation.

Encourage healthy ch’i in your kitchen with healthy plants. Make your money situation brighter by installing better lighting in your kitchen. Adding brightness to the wealth gua in your home is also effective.

Place ten gold coins under the mattress of your bed in the wealth area of the bed. (Standing at the foot of the bed, the bagua is laid out before you. The wealth area is at the upper left of the bed, or upper right if you are in bed.) Visualize that you have a foundation of wealth that increases even as you sleep.

Use the wealth colors to decorate your home or wear them on your body. Visualize your desires and goals coming true.

In order to have abundance in your life it is important that you focus on a feeling of abundance rather than what is lacking. Discern what makes you feel that there is abundance in your life. For some people it is luxurious fabrics. For others it might be using quality ingredients in cooking or having the best coffee or chocolate.

Often you can figure out a way to give yourself the feeling of luxury and abundance in a relatively inexpensive way. Indulge yourself and enjoy it. Visualize that all of life is abundant and that you are able to have what you want regularly. By focusing with gratitude on the good things in your life, you are providing reinforcement for the abundance that is already in your life and encouraging more of this energy.

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