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Feng Shui solutions for relationships and marriage

In the past few articles we have been looking at some feng shui basics and using the bagua energy map to access what is presently going on in various areas of our life. Please go online to read or reread those articles if you want to refresh your memory. In the last issue, we looked at the back, left gua commonly known as Wealth. In this issue, we are going to look at the back, right corner gua commonly known as Marriage.

Standing at the entrance, this back right third of your home, lot, or room actually has to do with all partnerships and relationships in your life. It is an important area to enhance as most of us wish for even stronger interpersonal relationships. Following are ideas for enhancing the Relationship guas of your home and lot. Pick and choose the ones that work best for you.

First, some general tips. Become clear about your intention for this area of your life. Write down what you wish to see happen. Look at the marriage gua for your home as a whole and in each of the rooms and on the lot. Make sure that there is no clutter in this area and that ch’i can circulate well. Check for leaks of ch’i in the marriage guas and repair any that exist. Remember that the number two and the color pink or the colors red and white in combination are associated with this area.

Ways to Remedy Leaking or Falling Ch’i: If your yard slopes downward in the Relationship gua, bring the ch’i back up by planting tall trees in this area or position a tall light pole in the corner of this area with the light aimed at the peak of the house.

If there is a window or door in the Relationship area of your home or in the Relationship area of the living room or bedroom of your home, reorient the leaking ch’i by hanging a crystal or wind chime in front of the window or door. You may also place plants in a window to circulate the ch’i back into the room.

If there is a bathroom in the Relationship area of your home: Make sure that there are no leaking faucets and that the toilet does not run.

Keep the door to the bathroom closed.

Keep the lid on the toilet closed.

You may also keep the sink, shower and tub drains closed when not in use. To deflect the ch’i from entering the room and exiting down the drains, you may place a large mirror on the outside of the closed bathroom door.

To deflect the ch’i from exiting via the drains once it is in the room, you may hang a crystal or wind chime between the door and the drains.

You may place a healthy plant (or a real looking silk plant with real soil in its container) on the back of the toilet and visualize that the water, instead of flushing away Relationship ch’i, nourishes the growth of the ch’i as it nourishes the growth of the plant.

To Put Yourself in the Best Position to Have a Strong Relationship: Situate your bed in a commanding position in the bedroom. Be sure that you have a solid, well-attached headboard. The footboard should not come higher than the top of the mattress. Have the head of your bed against a solid wall (no windows) or in the corner at a 45 degree angle for a safe and solid relationship.

Make sure that the bedroom door can open easily and completely. Do not store anything behind the entry door or hang clothes on back of door.

To Attract a New Romantic Partner: Hang a large crystal or pleasant-sounding wind chime outside the bedroom door to attract energy into the room.

Wear the color pink. If it is not a favorite color, you may just wear pink underwear. (In other words, the pink need not be visible.)

Put pink sheets on your bed.

Put a red flower in a white vase in the marriage gua of your bedroom (and/or living room) and visualize a healthy, blooming relationship.

Put two red or pink flowers into a white vase in the marriage gua and visualize two of you in a healthy relationship. Make sure to keep the flowers fresh.

Put a bubbling fountain in the marriage gua of your bedroom or living room to energize that gua. You can use pink or red and white crystals or stones or glass in the fountain to bring in the colors of the gua. Or you could float two red or pink flowers in the water of the fountain. Be sure to replace them as needed.

Hang a round mirror (best if the diameter is a multiple of nine) in the marriage area of your bedroom. Visualize that the mirror is attracting and expanding relationship energy (or bringing harmony and unity to the relationship once it has started.)

Surround yourself with pairs of objects.

Bring freshly cut flowers into the bedroom to add fresh energy (and attract a lively mate.) Clear out any dead or dried flowers in your home and visualize that you are free from the dead energy of the past and are free from anything that was holding you back.

To get a fresh start, replace your bed if it is one you used in a past relationship. At least get new sheets at the start of a new relationship.

Hang a wind chime or brass bell over your bed to awaken your energy and stimulate new love and romance.

To Reinforce or Add Spice to a Relationship: Use any of the tips in the section above with a suitable visualization. If there is a bathroom attached to the bedroom, locate your bed as far as is practical from it (and at least don’t have the foot of the bed pointing at the bathroom.) Keep the bathroom door closed to keep relationship ch’i from leaking.

Locate the bed so that both partners have a similar view while in bed so that their outlook on life will be similar.

Use a stronger light in the bedroom to brighten up the relationship. Hang a crystal or wind chime in a window or outside door in the marriage area of the bedroom to retain marriage energy inside (and prevent it from leaking.) Or hang a crystal or wind chime in any window of the bedroom to create a brighter or more expansive or more truthful relationship. Solidify or stabilize your relationship by placing a rock, statue, or other heavy object in the relationship corner of the bedroom.

To aid in making the relationship last, hang a picture or place a sculpture of two animals or birds that mate for life in the relationship area of the bedroom.

Choose the color of your bedroom with feng shui in mind. Shades of blue and green create balance and healing. Earth tones and flesh tones are very nurturing. Avoid dark shades and use flat or semi-gloss rather than shiny surfaces. Pink brings love energy into the bedroom.

Place a crystal hung on a red ribbon above the head of your bed to expand your wisdom, clarity and insight, bring new light into your relationship, and clear out disagreements or problems. If you have a king size bed, add unity to the separate box springs by wrapping all the way around the division between them with a strip of red cloth that is nine inches wide or by putting a king size fitted red sheet over both of them.

Remember: It is important to use the Three Secrets Reinforcement with each change or cure that you use. Use the Body Secret nine times, The Speech Secret nine times, and then visualize clearly the intention you have and the results you want from the cure. Make sure that you visualize the results as already realized and enjoy the feeling of success and gratitude of having accomplished your intention. Then expect to get results.

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