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'New neutral' home design inspired by Mother Nature

wide shot of bed, plants and furniture in neutral toned room

Many interior designers gravitate toward grays or whites as a starting point when building a home's look and feel, but a new trend is emerging. Homeowners are getting back to basics and finding ways to bring the outdoors in by using neutral earth tones as their blank slate.

These wood tones have become the "new neutral" for those beginning their brand-new home design.

No matter your style - modern, eclectic or anything in between - the toned-down hues of natural-looking wood surfaces are the perfect starting point for building a versatile, relaxing and high-end look in your home.

It's all natural

Finding inspiration from nature can create a more calming retreat in our hectic, constantly connected lives. Start with a neutral and natural palette in the home as the first step to designing your oasis. Incorporating colors found in nature can act as a reminder to disconnect and recharge in your home.

Stay grounded

Include a variety of textures from the ground up to transform your space and make it unique. From flooring to décor, finding ways to pull in elements from Mother Nature will turn your home into your haven. Bring out your home's natural beauty with flooring

Woodland oasis

Wood is the perfect element when deciding to bring nature into your home - whether on the floor or on the walls, as an accent or as a headboard. Featuring a variety of wood elements in the décor itself can also allow you to play with mixing different grains, colors and textures throughout the home while still maintaining a seamless overall design.

Light and airy

To make small spaces feel more open, be sure to accentuate natural light by incorporating mirrors. Try and keep your space clear of clutter and add natural foliage and plants to improve air quality and mood. Installing long, wide planks of flooring will also make your room feel larger.

Branch out

Starting with a neutral, earthy color palette means you have plenty of room to play with color - be it bold, muted or a reflection of the world around you. Include colorful accent pieces that remind you of the perfect fall foliage, a day at the beach or spring's first blooms.

Natural inspiration provides a world of possibilities.

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