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BlackBird Frame & Art

picture of Jean Stryker

BlackBird Frame & Art was established by John and Pat Horrocks

in Asheville 20 years ago, and has been operating out of its current

location, 365 Merrimon Ave, Asheville NC since 2009.

Ownership has transferred from the Horrocks’ to Jean Stryker,

who has worked at BlackBird for the past three years. The business

will continue without interruption or change in personnel. The

same outstanding service, unparalleled selection, and creativity

in design will continue at this custom art framing, art gallery, and

gift shop.

“BlackBird is the most wonderful place to work in the world. All

of us enjoy what we do and working together. It’s an amazing

team. I am thrilled and proud to carry on the business that the

Horrocks’ created,” Jean says.

BlackBird FRAME & ART

365 Merrimon Avenue,

Asheville NC 28801



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