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kelly painting hanging in a decorated room

photo courtesy of Andy & Roberta Dyakona, Waynesville, NC

“I must have FLOWERS always and always”  - Monet

The Dyakona’s recently added “Flowers for Roberta” - an original 40x40 oil on canvas, to their collection in their blue themed dining room.  This painting was created mostly with painting knives in a heavy impasto technique.

It’s something different, fun and expressive for me, after focusing intently on my cloudscapes over the winter. Flowers bring so much joy and this time of year I begin to really need the color and excitement in my studio.  Every home needs a little floral art! 

Beginning a collection of original paintings can be a little overwhelming.  There are many styles, themes, colors and techniques to consider.  Curating a grouping within a room or office that feels connected in some way, will really add to the music of the art.

Here are a few thoughts on color to get you dreaming and planning!

Color plays an essential part in a painting. It has the ability to awaken our emotions, impart meaning, and direct the eye around the painting.  Color can bring on a sense of calm and peace or make us feel energized and joyful.

When designing a space, color harmony plays a major role.  Often we gravitate toward a favorite color and are drawn to paintings that feature “our color” and build our decor around that work of art, as shown above.

 Paintings are conversation starters, always offering up a story and a glimpse into the artist’s life, adding so much more than just a color statement. You actually “feel” the energy and the love that goes into the creation.  Original Paintings are a wonderful way to begin your room design project! 

Jo Ridge Kelley

You are invited to visit the studio - gallery of Jo Ridge Kelley at 136 N Main Street in beautiful downtown Waynesville, NC.  Open by appointment (or chance) Monday - Saturday
Please call, text or email:  *  828-226-0549  *


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