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Lexington Glassworks


lexington glassworks unique designs

Housed in a 1940s warehouse in downtown Asheville, Lexington Glassworks is a glassblowing studio and gallery featuring one-of-a-kind hand-blown glass pieces and custom lighting. Each piece is skillfully crafted using century-old techniques with the singular goal of creating top-notch work.

Lexington Glassworks is excited to announce the expansion of our lighting services in 2022, culminating in the opening of the LGW Design Studio. With this expansion comes a renovation. We have decided to officially close the bar and event space and transform it into our Lighting Design Studio and secondary


glassworks unique design studio and gallery custom lighting

This expansion allows us to offer more comprehensive design services tailored to the client’s needs, including lighting design consulting, art styling, planning, and site visits for largescale

lighting projects.

Currently, Lexington Glassworks assists clients with the incorporation of custom hand-blown glass lighting into new construction, renovation, or the redesigning of an existing space. We work one-on-one with homeowners, designers, architects, and builders on both big and small lighting

projects as well as wall installations and artistic styling of our hand-blown glass.

Open seven days a week, we invite you to watch the artists at work, as well as peruse the gallery for the perfect accent piece for your home, office, or a unique gift for a special occasion.

unique glass creations and custom lighting design installations

For more information or to shop our gallery online, visit us at

81 S. Lexington Ave. Asheville NC


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