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Medallion Pool Company

Innovation and the aquatic design evolution

Flowing fountain with flowering bush in the foreground

“Every project is different.
Every owner is different.”
– Mark Dorsey, Owner MPC

Our interaction and fascination with water is truly an individual experience.

Water is life, beauty, and can convey emotion, strength or peace to any environment. Medallion Pool Company (MPC) specializes in artistic design insights and unique water shapes. MPC engineers and constructs the entire project from start to finish, not just the pool but also the spa and water features, hardscapes, kitchens, entertainment areas, and layout of surrounding structures. Mark Dorsey, the Owner of MPC performs nationwide consulting for residential, commercial, and institutional properties.

“I approach every project with two principles in mind. First, water shape design must be integrated and balanced with the surrounding environment and architecture. Second, I apply our engineering expertise and processes to every detail to achieve sound water shape design, construction, and sustainability”, Mark said. A licensed, professional Engineer with 30 years in in design-build construction and civil consulting, Mark brings a spatial, structural, and creative expertise unique to not only pool building, but to aquatic design overall.

In recent years, Mark has partnered with EverGreene Architectural Arts, the nation’s largest specialty contractor for the preservation and restoration of historic buildings and architectural art, that has done conservation work for the Titanic, the White House, and several museums and estates.

Mark has broadened his scope from highly complex, award-winning structural feats in residential pool building, to some of the nations most historic and revered pools and fountains including the John Ringling Estate (Ca’ d’Zan), Biltmore Estate, the fountains at the National Gallery of Art, and the fountain

at The Washington DC Metropolitan Police Memorial.

A recent project that showcases Mark’s ingenuity features a cliff side design in which the foundation walls are 30 feet high. Its knife edge perimeter overflow design brings the water surface completely level with the pool deck.

The pool features a HydroLux floating cover that comes out of the pool floor to cover both the pool and spa, requiring the pool to automatically drop one inch to reveal the spa. The project also includes a custom fully retractable roof enclosure by DynaDome which enables four-season use of the entire space.

Mark has mastered the harnessing of the movement of water and harnessed it to melt into impossible terrains and flow against its indomitable will – example, his patented priming device, PRIMEOLOGY™ Systems, which allows pumps to be elevated above the water, a technology that will revolutionize the industry.

“The challenge on every site that incorporates water is the limit placed upon where the equipment can be located”, according to Mark. “Historically, pool equipment had to be located at any elevation below the water surface but no more than two feet above it in order for the pump to consistently work to circulate the water. That is very limiting for both residential and commercial customers when designing and laying out their water projects’’, continued Mark.

“Oftentimes, the location of the water shape has not been optimal based on those limitations – PRIMEOLOGY has solved that.” Mark installed the first PRIMEOLOGY device on the roof of a hotel in New Orleans, LA in 2020.

looking down on a pool development with deck chairs and stuff

The device was situated 26 ft above the level of the pool and has successfully been in operation since that time needing only standard maintenance. What this means for residential, commercial, and aquatic designers is that making equipment placement concessions with regard to their projects has now been eliminated.

PRIMEOLOGY is a fully automated, hands-free device which allows the elevated pump and equipment to easily be powered on and off as needed. This capability enables simple, efficient cleaning and service of equipment, scheduling of run times which saves energy, and longer pump life.

Mark and Medallion pool are just scratching the surface of what is possible with the future of aquatic design. “Every project is different. Every owner is different. It’s Medallion Pool Company’s job as a design-build firm to blend the dreams you have for your luxury pool or design project with solid construction techniques, sound engineering principles, and appreciation for your budget.

The result? An outdoor living and entertaining space you’ll enjoy and be proud of for years to come,” said Mark.

Medallion Pool Company

51 N. Merrimon Ave., Ste 101

Asheville, NC 28804 | 828.253.4594


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