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Yesterday’s Tree

Creating an Environment as Unique as You Are

Unique collection home furnishings eclectic elegance crafted

“I recognize that home furnishings is not a store of needs – it’s a store of wants. Therefore, customer service is key in that if we can help people buy one thing that makes them feel special, we have succeeded.” Owner Peggy Yarborough, Yesterday’s Tree Furniture and Design

Since opening her small boutique store 37 years ago featuring unfinished furniture, Yarborough has focused on her customer’s wants, wishes, and budget. After opening in 1985 she soon realized Asheville consumers were actually looking for something more- “they needed a place that thought of furniture differently; with an emphasis on sophistication, elegance and fashion”. Yarborough listened and within a few years became the area’s leader in first quality designer furniture at affordable prices.

Yarborough and her team have evolved Yesterday’s Tree located on Hendersonville Road into a 8,000+ square feet store tastefully brimming with home furnishings and design that combines stylish, chic décor with great prices.

According to Google it is known not only for eclectic, excellently crafted furniture, but also for a wide selection of eye-catching lighting, unique wall & window treatments, rugs, gifts and accessories along with a professional staff of in-house designers. The new downtown Asheville pocket store ‘Curated by Yesterday’s Tree` on 58 College St. also offers the latest styles and trends with “a little bit of downtown vibe.”

Yarborough grew up with relatives involved in the furniture industry, leading her to create her own Asheville home furnishings store. This tradition continues as her own family business now includes daughter Jayme, son Nick, daughter-in-law Courtney, along with an occasional check-in by her 98 year old father. A total of 11 employees “who are like family” work at the two locations.

unique collection of furnishings customer focused and friendly

Maggie and Sophie act as the store's personal greeters and feel-good ambassadors. These well behaved, friendly 4-legged helpers are much loved and well known to customers. Various hounds have modeled in many of Yesterday’s Tree successful campaign ads (which in early days was highly unusual).

Yarborough and her team feel strongly that they are able to offer a consumer-friendly store where friendships are made and the customer is happy with their purchase. “We want you to feel at home while shopping within our store and we are always respectful.” Yarborough explained “to us, selling a blanket is just as important as selling a sofa.”

Below is only one of many customer reviews that sum up why Peggy’s business is so much more than a furniture store and a favorite to visit for creating one of a kind home space.

“Love, love, love this furniture store! It’s so much more than a furniture store—it’s my happy place when I just want to browse, it’s my community where I’ve made new friends, it’s an emotional uplift when I step in the front door! Peggy, the owner, with her son Nick and his wife Courtney are super nice experts in design, fabrics, lighting, rugs and more. All of the sales folks are exceptionally qualified and helpful. I’ve been shopping here for years and more than half of my house is designed by the folks at Yesterday’s Tree! I look forward to my next visit!” – SC

unique collection of furnishings customer focused designer services

Yarborough and her team strive for transition, evolution over time versus a complete change of everything at once. The goal is to work with the furnishings you currently have and add to it tastefully. They also offer designer services with someone coming to your home for a consultation. They love to mix your things with what they have in the store. The styling is not ultra-modern, it has clear lines.

Another suggestion by Yarborough is “Focus Wisely on Quality – better to spend money on a couch/chair with high quality fabric. We can help you find the right fabric for your lifestyle. Do not spend as much on a coffee table or end tables that can be more easily replaced in the future.” As she explained, “Better to buy the Ralph Lauren belt and wear it with the dress from Target.”

Stop in for a chat, pet the dogs and gather some inspiration to create a home that uniquely enhances how you and your family live.

“The dogs have changed, but I am still here!” Owner Peggy Yarborough, Yesterday’s Tree

Yesterday’s Tree
780 Hendersonville Road
Asheville, NC 28803
Curated by Yesterday’s Tree
58 College Street
Asheville, NC 28801

Yesterday’s Tree Furniture, 780 Hendersonville Road, Asheville; open Monday through Friday, 10am-5pm, and Saturday, 10am-4pm. 828-274-4296.

Curated by Yesterday’s Tree, 58 College St, Asheville; open Monday through Saturday, 10am-5pm. 828-333-4304.


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