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Feng Shui and health

Tranquil green plant

As we begin the new year, it is traditional to make resolutions about ways we wish to improve our life. Often some of these goals are concerning our health; we plan to exercise more, to make sure we get enough sleep, to eat more consciously, or perhaps all of the above. Too often these resolutions fall by the wayside within a few weeks. Is there any way that feng shui might help us create an environment that supports good health?

Let’s take a look.

In the last issue we discussed the bagua, the energy map or template that is laid over an environment and used in feng shui to determine what part of life a particular spot is influencing. While all areas of your home are important, the center is of primary importance because that is where all of the energies of the other areas around the edges come together. Since the center energetically connects to and interrelates with all of the other areas of the house, it affects your well-being and, more importantly, your health. Only if you have good health can everything else in your life reach its full potential.

In traditional Chinese homes, the center was often a courtyard or atrium with the house proper built around it. This made for an open, airy environment. Therefore, it is optimal if the center of your home lies in the living room, family room or another large open room. With today’s open concept plans, part of that room might be the kitchen. If the kitchen is actually in the center of the footprint of the house, the fire energy of the stove combined with the already active nature of the center area may be too intense and lead to accidents, fires, or health problems. To cure this, hang a spherical multi-faceted feng shui crystal either directly over where the cook stands while at the stove or in the center of the kitchen. To enhance the energy of the center of the house and consequently the good energy of your health, there are a few general cures. You can attract vital energy with plants. These plants should be healthy. The center is not a good place for a sickly plant. Ideally there should be an odd number of plants as odd numbers are more yang and active.

Yellow is considered to be the color of health, so yellow objects or even yellow walls are invigorating to the center area. The number one, all purpose cure to use in the center of your house is to hang a feng shui crystal on a piece of red cord or ribbon cut so that its length is a multiple of 9, in the exact center of your home. The intention is that, just as the crystal refracts and circulates light, it will circulate the energy within your home to maximize health and well-being.

Since the stove is the hearth of the home where nourishment is prepared for the family, the stove is seen both as an agent of prosperity and of health. It is important that it be kept sparkling clean and be in excellent working order. It is also important that all of the burners are used regularly so as to symbolically make use of all of the opportunities for good health and wealth. The mood of the cook as he or she prepares food affects the amount of energy and nourishment available to those eating the meal, so do what you can to keep the cook happy.

The bed, as the place where rest and regeneration occur, is also important to good health. One’s bed should ideally be located in the Commanding Position within the room. This means that the bed has a headboard firmly attached to it and is positioned against the wall diagonally across from the door so that the sleeper can see the door from bed but is not directly across from it so as to be out of the “line of fire”. Electronics should be away from the bed so as to minimize the electro-magnetic field which bothers many sleepers.

No water beds, electric blankets or cell phones or chargers should be near-by. It is better to have no ceiling fans directly over the bed to chop up and stir up energy. Televisions should not distract from the purpose of the room: sleep. When considering your home and its influence upon your heath, it is also useful to look at the mechanical systems of the house.

The circulation of heat (and coolness) and air in the house is analogous to the circulatory system in your body. Any problems with your HVAC system may be reflected in a circulatory system problem for someone living in your home. Likewise, the home’s electrical system is related to the nervous system in the body. Skin issues may be related to issues with the home’s siding or walls. Plumbing relates to the digestive system. Home maintenance with optimally operating systems helps all inhabitants be healthy, so fix any problems promptly as they arise.

Feng shui is a method of putting oneself into harmony with the environment in order to facilitate maximum good fortune in life. It is a very practical discipline. When things are not going as you wish, you list what is going well and what is not and then set intentions for achieving your ideal. Then you analyze the arrangement and flow of energy within your environment and make changes intended to improve the situation. Making New Year's resolutions is very similar to setting your intention in feng shui. To facilitate achieving those resolutions, you need to do the next step and make changes in your home to remind and assist you.

For example, rearranging your kitchen cupboards so that smaller plates and glasses are more readily available facilitates using those smaller dishes so that you can have the abundant feel of a full plate with the benefit of a more manageable portion size. Putting the candy dish (and any other less desirable food) away and having a fruit bowl in sight reminds you of your intention to choose healthier alternatives. Rearrange your fridge so that the foods that fit your intentions are the easiest to reach.

If you intend to go exercise first thing in the morning, then have your clothes laid out and your gym bag already packed. If you are going to walk during lunch hour, be sure your walking shoes are handy. Do what you can to make it easy to establish the new patterns of behavior that you desire to bring health and prosperity to your life.

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