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Choosing Artwork that Suits Your Décor

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By adding colorful patterns, interesting textures and thought-provoking images, artwork can bring life to an interior environment. The choice of your home’s artwork can bring other room elements together or fight against them in an unpleasant way. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when making decisions about artwork for your home:

Keep an Open Mind Artists work in a vast array of media that make their art exciting and innovative. Consider sculptures that will add drama to areas of your home. Mixed media can be an interesting focal point for rooms, providing additional visual interest. Consider textile art, which is available in a wide range of styles to suit particular décors. Don’t be afraid to choose something you’ve never seen before, which can offer many conversational opportunities for guests to your home.

Colors Should Blend in Naturally Although you shouldn’t buy a piece of art solely because the color suits your décor, color should be a consideration. Avoid pieces with color that will jar the visual smoothness of your room. Beyond that, simply ensure that the art complements the range of color in the room.

Choose the Right Sizing Scale is a critical matter in choosing artwork for your home. Always measure the area where the artwork will be located to ensure a good fit. Generally, paintings should have enough wall space around the edges to provide visual framing for the piece.

Content Should Be Suitable for the Room If you have chosen a traditional design for your home, you aren’t necessarily limited to traditional artwork with content that fits with the period of the décor. A modern piece in a traditional room can be a surprising and refreshing addition. Similarly, a modern décor can sometimes incorporate very traditional content if it suits the overall design.

Add Lighting to Enhance the Impact Lighting your artwork can provide additional drama and impact for the piece. A number of different art lighting systems are available to suit each individual piece. Take time to look through magazines to learn the appropriate ways to add lighting to your art.

Buy What You Love, Love What You Buy A piece of art should speak to you in a personal and intimate way. In this way, it becomes a pleasure to live with, reminding you of something important in your life and personality. This quality will help you to choose from the wide range of art styles and media that are available.

Understanding a few basic principles of scale, balance, color and design can allow you to blend your own individual taste into a visually pleasing environment for your home.

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