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The Haen Gallery

haen gallery painting fine art Stephen Pentak
Stephen Pentak

The Haen Gallery in Asheville opened in July 2006 with a show featuring Lynn Boggess, the unique and quintessential Appalachian painter. The gallery is owned and directed by Chris Foley, who moved to the Asheville area in 2004 to be near his daughter and granddaughter. Chris was trained as a painter and sculptor and graduated with a BFA degree from Georgetown University.

His involvement with graphic and fine art has been lifelong. In 1997 he co-founded Old Town Editions in Alexandria, Virginia with Mark McCormick-Goodhart, a photographic scientist at the Smithsonian Institution. The company has numbered among its clients The Library of Congress, National Portrait Gallery, The Museum of American History, National Park Service and World Bank and many others over the years.

haen gallery painting fine art Lynn Boggess
Lynn Boggess

Old Town Editions was purchased by its employees. In 2013, Chris Foley opened a second gallery in Brevard, a decision that allowed the gallery to expand the number of artists they represent.

This new location also places a heavy emphasis on sculpture, offering a wide variety of indoor and outdoor sculpture, commissions, and monumental installations. The Haen Gallery is named in honor of Chris Foley’s mother, Eileen Haen Holberg. It is pronounced “HAY-n”.


Our intention is to provide excellence in quality and service as well as value to our clients. It is also important to us to create a space where the public can enjoy access to exceptional artwork — both regional and national — regardless of their ability to purchase.

Our artists, beside their commitment to excellence, share a common bond: a keen appreciation for the natural world. Thus, the visitor to our gallery will perceive a certain sensibility. There is a sense of place in the artwork that is appropriate to this wonderful area and any other area where a discerning spirit chooses to reside.

haen gallery painting fine art Larry Gray
Larry Gray

Generally speaking, the Haen Gallery offers the work of established artists whose distinctive and unique style sets it apart from ordinary and imitative efforts. We have seen the prices that most of our artists command for their artwork rise significantly over the years, making their work quite attractive as investments. But most of all, we have had the pleasure of providing for our clients artwork of real value that will be enjoyed for many years and even generations.

Art Consultation

At The Haen Gallery, we offer full art consultation, delivery, and installation services that make acquiring art easy and enjoyable. Working with your vision and budget, we can provide a portfolio of local, national, and international artists for review. Our artists, beside their commitment to excellence, share a common bond.

That bond is a keen appreciation for the world around us. Impasto landscapes by Lynn Boggess, ethereal skyscapes by Larry Gray, abstract crowds by Ursula Gullow, tranquil vistas by Stephen Pentak, cityscapes and industrial scenes by Valerio D’Ospina… we represent dozens of artists that each have an impressive story.

haen gallery painting fine art Lynn Boggess
Lynn Boggess

Our intention is to provide excellence in quality and service as well as value to our clients. It is our honor to work with each individual to find the perfect art and sculpture for their home or business. Pieces that speak to them and provide a sense of place.

In-home Services; Digital Retouching

To assist in this process, we offer personalized in-home art consultation. Or, as many of our clients prefer, an electronic approval process. This digital retouching allows the client to enjoy photo renderings showing options for artwork in their home or business.


52 Biltmore Avenue, Asheville, NC 28801

Chris Foley 828-254-8577

Hours: Mon-Sat 11am-6pm | Sun 12pm-5pm


210 S. Broad Street, Brevard, NC 28712


Hours: Wednesday - Saturday 11am-6pm | Sunday 12pm-5pm

or call 828-384-1341 for an appointment


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