Bedroom Feng Shui for children

Most parents and other guardians of children want to do their very best to facilitate maximum growth, comfort and happiness for their young charges. Ample rest is important for a child’s overall health and is especially important for a developing brain. These feng shui tips can help in that effort. The location of a child’s bedroom within the home is very important. The farther back and higher up the location of a room in a building, the more secure and controlling the person occupying the room is. This is called “commanding position”. While we want our children to feel secure, they must not be in control of the family. That is the proper role of the responsible adult/s in charge. So if

Calen Rayne: Bringing the patterns of heaven and earth to fine home designs

Rev. Dr. Calen Rayne is an accomplished geomancer, a Unitarian Universalist Lay Community Minister, and Adjunct Faculty of Wisdom School of Graduate Studies at Ubiquity University. Calen has traveled extensively and spent time in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia studying with great masters of both Japanese and Tibetan Buddhist traditions, with Bon and pre-literate Bon masters, with geomancers from both Celtic and Druid traditions, and with alchemists of various indigenous religions. Instruments used for his sound and energy work include dowsing rods, Himalayan singing bowls, shaman drum, ghanta and dorje, tingshas, bonpo shangs, phurbas and other ritual objects from many world w

Experience the best of winter in WNC

Winter, that most generous of seasons … You see her coming in her white coat, slipping down the mountains, frosty tendrils following at her heels. The beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, lush and green in the summertime, are more silent now. Filled with campers, hikers, cyclists, rock climbers and a myriad of others, they are alive with activity during the season of light. But now, stark in their beauty, they only awaken for the songs of the winter birds and those avid nature lovers wishing to experience the rush of bright blue skies and views that go on for miles. Wildfires in our forests This year was a time of great destruction for the beautiful mountain forests. Whi

Family-owned staffing businesses support WNC’s job market

There are a number of reasons why Asheville continues to make the many “Best of” lists. Asheville and the surrounding area’s tourism-based economy draws people in part because of its beauty and access to amazing outdoor activities, the many great restaurants (most with a Farm-to-Table and organic focus), its vast live music and art scene, and let’s not forget the thriving brewery businesses. People come to visit and many wish to stay … let’s face it, Asheville is a hot market! And where jobs are concerned, new development and redevelopment are bringing new businesses to the area. Let’s look at the numbers. According to Forbes, Asheville is #40 in Best Places for Business and Careers and #10

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