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A Warm Renovation

An Allard + Roberts Interior Design relocation makeover

Our clients were relocating from South Florida to a gated community in Asheville, NC. They were drawn by the natural beauty, change of seasons, and rare extreme weather conditions of the WNC area (after experiencing too many FL Hurricanes).

However, the home was in need of updating for the exterior and interior to align with the client’s tastes and lifestyle needs. The biggest challenge was that these renovations were to take place during COVID lockdowns and supply chain challenges.


Allard + Roberts was tasked with putting a team together to handle the renovation process, and with envisioning a new color palette and architectural details throughout to personalize the home. Our design team created floor plans and elevations for the renovations, including a new custom Kitchen design and custom built ins. A+R also identified a general contractor to do the work.

Adam Shook of Stonewood Builders ultimately completed the renovation, and managed a team of superior subcontractors throughout the COVID era restrictions and supply chain issues. The homeowners lived locally throughout the renovations and were able to visit the site regularly and work through concerns with the builder and our design team. 

The home is now transformed to a more transitional style, with a new and more functional Kitchen for an avid cook. Previously, the house didn’t include enough storage for all of the owners’ dishes, small appliances, and various cooking tools and utensils. Storage was added in the new Kitchen design and the new laundry room cabinetry, while a custom coffee station was added in a hallway and includes display space for vintage glassware.

Custom furniture was designed in a few key locations, including the Dining Room, which greets visitors just off the Foyer. The 72” round walnut table is a statement piece, and pairs well with the client’s new chairs, existing oil painting, and custom drapery. A custom nesting coffee table set and sideboard were also commissioned for the Living Room.

A+R is proud to pair clients with an extensive network of architects, builders, furniture makers, work rooms, artists, artisans and craftsmen to personalize each home to the client’s individual tastes, as we did in this case.

Another element of the design was our client’s extensive art collection that included pieces by Miro and Picasso, among many other contemporary artists. While the homeowners desired a warm color palette, the tones couldn’t be too deep or they would detract from the incredible artwork. Warm tan and green tones were utilized throughout the house to add a cozy feeling to vast spaces and tall or vaulted ceilings

Now, our clients enjoy a home tailored to their personal needs, which addresses their color palette desires, display of artwork and personal collections, storage needs, overall comfort for daily living, and the requirement of a more functional kitchen. Both our clients, their family and friends, and their three kitties are loving this transformed Asheville home! 


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