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“The Process of Creating an Heirloom Work of Art Specifically for You”

Have you thought about commissioning an oil painting?

“I love creating large paintings for homes and offices. If you would like an original oil painting, I am happy to work with you on the perfect size and color palette for your special space. I mix all my colors from a limited, harmonious palette and work in an expressive impressionistic style. Mood, atmospheric perspective, captivating light and pleasing soft color, are my focus. Sky scapes, Loose Floral and Abstracted Nature are my specialties.” artist -Jo Ridge Kelley

1. What inspires you?

Is it the rising mist and layers of blue ridges extending way out to the horizon at sunset or sunrise? Is it a gentle glowing light over the lake or the energy of a waterfall…a backlit cloud with dramatic light across the meadow or salt marsh? Maybe it’s a pastoral scene with a meandering stream that takes you back to your childhood?

2. Where will you display your painting?

What is the mood and feel you want to create in your space? Choosing a season and time of day for your painting, will play a big part in setting the mood for the room. Big white clouds over a beautiful sky of blue and a lively colorful foreground, will bring out a feeling of happiness and a free spirit! Warm glowing clouds at sunset with the land gently silhouetted and the light reflecting on water, will create a sense of calm and peacefulness. This would be a tonal landscape with moody and dramatic light, soft edges and dreamy.


3. What size painting will best suit the space?

Keep in mind, the larger the landscape, the more it allows you to “walk right in” and wander around. You’ll feel like you’re there surrounded by the natural world, away from the hustle & bustle of daily life. Your painting can serve as the “escape from reality” that we all sometimes need. Perhaps a triptych would be perfect for a big wall!

4. Summing it all up, here’s what you need to think about: Location of installation - where would you like to hang your painting?

*Subject to be created (mountains or coast, flowers, abstract * Size of painting, linen mounted on archival board to be traditionally framed or a deep gallery wrapped canvas with a “floater frame” (a narrow edge frame ) or hung unframed * Choosing a mood, a feel that you’d like to create in your space, time of day, the light - soft reflective sunlight or brighter midday light

***request a quote and timeline via email or text.

5. Once decisions and agreements are established, a 50% deposit is required to get started with balance due upon completion.

Email updates are a big part of the journey. We’ll begin with an approved sketch and then design on canvas, a custom color palette and progress photos. The goal is a beautiful heirloom work of art that you will cherish.

(I absolutely want my clients to love their painting, so if your painting doesn’t speak to you, a refund of your deposit, less 10% of the total invoice amount for my time & energy, will be made.)

***Regional Installations can be arranged.


Jo Ridge Kelley
Fine Art Studio & Gallery 828-226-0549


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