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Jo Ridge Kelley Fine Art

Newest and largest commissioned paintings are now installed! They grace the walls of the Devine’s master bedroom in their timber framed mountain home in Balsam Mountain Preserve, Jackson County, NC.

The seven foot waterfall is the largest oil painting I’ve ever done. A hand carved 16k gold leaf float frame in a champagne tone, was custom made

by Masterworks Frames in Utah.

The client’s mountain view at sunset was captured in oils on a 54 inch Belgian linen canvas and was also complimented by a hand carved matching champagne gold leaf frame. The soft glow of the evening light reflecting off the rising mist, created a calming serene mood for their bedroom.

The early autumn colors surrounding the falls and the warm gold and oranges of sunset played perfectly together and added just the right amount of color to pop the lively accent pillows and move the eye around the room.

Artist -Jo Ridge Kelley Installation by Ed Kelley


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