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Bringing the Beach to the Mountains

... at the heart of what we do is helping to connect our clients with the right team of professionals, artists and craftsmen to personalize their home, while simultaneously investing into their new community

Wall of windows wide view of mountains from the penthouse custom design

Builder - Osada Construction

Photographer - Inspiro 8 Studios

Our modern world has a lot of background noise. Talli’s goal is to create spaces where her clients can get away from all that noise and focus on making meals and memories with family and friends. Talli’s design firm, A+R Interior Design, provides a paired down, clean and uncluttered aesthetic as one part of that approach, while her team’s extensive experience in project management provides a streamlined execution.

Allard + Roberts Interior Design, Inc offers interior design and project management services for both new construction and remodel projects. Believing that the best designs are the result of a collaborative approach, they enjoy working alongside homeowners, builders & architects as part of a design team.

The A+R design team takes projects from conception through to completion, often providing project management services for clients who are building or remodeling from afar. They love taking the stress out of new construction or renovations so that their clients can enjoy the process and their fully customized completed homes!

This penthouse is located at the top of the highest building in downtown Asheville, and comes with incredible views. The location provides the convenience of walking to area shops and restaurants, making it the perfect vacation home. As Talli explains, “Our client came to us with a particular request for the look and feel of his interior.

mountain view Asheville penthouse Allard custom interior design

He wanted something unique and asked that his home “feel like the beach, but in the mountains”. He finds the soft blues and greens at the beach relaxing, which is how he wanted his vacation home to feel when he could get away from long work days to enjoy it.” The A+R design team saw those same tones in the landscape and mountain views, visible through the expansive walls of glass.

So, his request and those views became the inspiration for a soothing color palette of soft grays, blues, aquas and natural wood tones, with touches of black accents. “We were particular with our selections so that the interior palette was relaxing, without being distracting from the views beyond”, Talli adds.

“First, we refreshed the cabinetry with new finishes and hardware, and replaced the kitchen backsplash with spa toned hand-made tiles. The existing fireplace tiles were removed and it was re-clad in a concrete plaster finish by a local craftsman, and we had custom white oak shelving made for the fireplace wall and the kitchen.

Penthouse custom interior design Asheville Allard

"The lighting throughout was updated in a matte black finish for contrast, and furniture and decor were sourced for each room. The fabrics are Crypton, so that friends and family can enjoy the home when the homeowner is away, without worries of any damage to furniture. If coffee or wine are spilled, they can be wiped up without absorbing into the materials. This approach to finish selections often puts our clients at ease, so that more of their friends, family and pets can be welcomed to enjoy the home, without concerns over maintenance of the fabrics and finishes.

“Some features, such as the breakfast table, are custom made to our design by a local craftsman. A+R intentionally sourced the area rugs and furnishings through local and regional makers and suppliers, incorporating the aesthetic of Asheville and the surrounding Western North Carolina into the space. This also ensures that when our clients relocate or purchase vacation homes in the area, their resources are reinvested back into the local community of furniture makers, trades and craftspeople.

Asheville downtown penthouse Allard custom interior design

"This is at the heart of what we do…helping to connect our clients with the right team of professionals, artists and craftsmen to personalize their home, while simultaneously investing into their new community. We also managed the project and collaborated with the construction team, so that our client could focus on his own career, and was then able to come to Asheville to relax and enjoy his new home.

"We enjoy being able to invest our time, talent and expertise on behalf of our clients, with a focus on connecting them with their new community in Asheville and the surrounding WNC area.


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